Speech, Language and Behavioral Therapy
Michelle Hass, MA, CCC-SLP, L/BCBA, M.Ed.
Speech/Language Pathologist, Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Autism Specialist
Communication is Key
Communication Counts Therapy Services provides children, families, educators and others the tools to effectively increase communication skills.  
Behavior is communication.
As children are  able to communicate more effectively, behavior challenges often decrease.  As families are better able to communicate in a positive and effective manner together, behavior challenges melt away and relationships thrive.  Our extensive expertise in all three areas of speech/language development, behavior management and autism spectrum disorders allows us to see the whole child and help each one meet his or her greatest potential.
Speech & Language Assessment & Therapy
Behavioral Assessment, Therapy & Parent Coaching
Consultation & Continuing Education
Over 15 years of experience delivering Speech and Language intervention to children with varying speech/language challenges.   Expertise in helping children with limited verbal ability become functional communicators and those with other challenges become more confident communicators.  Intervention provided in a playful, yet productive manner in order to capitalize on the child's strengths while allowing for rapid acquisition of skills.
Over 12 years of experience working in various school settings and helping parents to advocate for their children, provides the experience to assist families in transitions to school, IEP collaboration and helping to establish consistent behaviors in all settings.  Years of experience in providing educators and families with trainings about communication, behavior management in home and classroom settings, and autism spectrum disorders.
Direct behavioral therapy with children as well as help for families and school teams in the development of effective positive behavior supports, sytems for decreasing disruptive and challenging behaviors, and on-going management of these systems.  Expertise in working with children on the autism spectrum using evidence based methods such as Applied Behavior Analysis, Verbal Behavior, Natural Environment Training, Functional Communication Training, Pivotal Response Training and more.
Helping EVERY child be HEARD, HAPPY 
& the BEST he or she can BE!
"It's not about
it's about
~ Dr. Seuss
Social & Play
Speech and language skills include a child's ability to both express him or herself in a functional and intelligible manner, as well as his or her ability to understand the language that is being used around them.  Children may need direct intervention to practice, master and maintain developmentally appropriate skills.
Oftentimes, children with delays in speech and language also struggle to socialize in an appropriate and confident manner with their peers.  They may also tend to gravitate towards independent and functional play and have delays in cooperative and symbolic play ability.
Challenging behaviors can have take many forms and can often leave a child and family feeling frustrated, confused and helpless.  It is important to find the underlying "function" of the behavior and help the child learn alternative methods of communicating his or her wants and needs.
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"Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they possibly can be!" 
~ Rita Pierson, Educator
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